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If you live in Los Angeles, you already know how the cool kaiju fans work with the Egyptian Theatre to bring cool kaiju movies to the city of the stars. Well, Keith Aiken of SciFi Japan has worked his magic yet again and the "Giant Monsters On the Loose" will play host to the US premiere of GAMERA: LITTLE BRAVES! Want more information? Head on over to SciFi Japan's website and read the article now...
Shrine of Gamera: Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Are Gamera 2 & 3 available on video in the US?
A: Yes! All three of the Heisei (90's) films are available on DVD now! Gamera: Guardian of the Universe and Gamera 2: Advent of Legion and Gamera 3 have been officially released by ADV Films.
Q: I've heard about this monster called Garasharp - but the movie was never made. Whats up with that?
A: Check out my Gamera vs. Garasharp page in the Fan submissions section. *I have been alerted that my Garasharp movie is not working/missing and unfortunately I can't seem to find it anywhere! If any of my previous visitors may have saved it before the site redesign, please let me know...
Q: Is Kadokawa/Daiei really planning to make Godzilla vs Gamera?
A: At this point Kadokawa is no longer trying to get this feature made. They are however focusing on some really great properties like YOKAI DAISENSO (a remake of the 1968 original) and apparently a new Gamera film!
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