Gamera 2: Advent of Legion (Popular Title) Gamera 2: Region shurai (1996)
Year of Release: 1996
Japanese Title: Gamera 2: Region shurai
Also released as: Gamera 2: Legion Invasion (Literal English translation)
Gamera vs. Legion (ADV Films US release)
Credits: Directed by:
Shusuke Kaneko

Writing credits:
Kazunori It˘

Miki Mizuno .... Midori Honami
Toshiyuki Nagashima .... Colonel Watarase
Mitsuro Fukikoshi .... Obitsu
Ayako Fujitani .... Asagi Kusanagi
Yukijiro Hotaru .... Osako
Tamotsu Ishibashi .... Hanatani
Hiroyuki Okita .... Sasai
Yusuke Kawazu .... Nojiri
Hatsunori Hasegawa .... Satake
Tomorowo Taguchi .... Subway Driver
Ishii Rasale .... NTT Staff
Hiroshi Okouchi (as Hiroshi Ook˘chi)
Akiji Kobayashi

Produced by
Miyuki Nanri
Naoki Sato
Tsutomu Tsuchikawa

Cinematography by
Junichi Tozawa

Film Editing by
Shizuo Arakawa

Production Design by
Hajime Oikawa

Special Effects
Tomoo Haraguchi .... creature creator
Shinji Higuchi .... special effects director/creature designer
Hiroshi Honjo .... special effects
Makoto Kamiya .... special effects assistant
Hiroshi Kidokoro .... special effects photography
Toshio Miike .... special effects coordinator

During a childrens' field trip to view a meteor shower, a young observatory volunteer, Honami witnesses the impact of a large meteor. Soon afterwards mysterious occurances (higher than normal oxygen levels, disappearing beer bottles, and a subway attacked by man-sized insects) lead to the blossoming of a gigantic flower in the middle of downtown Sapporo. Honami and the Japan Self Defense Force eventually determine that the flower's job is to lauch its seed into space. The decision is made to evacuate the city. Unknown to the JSDF, the blast from this pod would completely annihilate a 5km area. Luckily for Japan, Gamera rises from the sea to destoy the alien flower. As Gamera rips the roots from the streets of Sapporo, a huge swarm of the man-sized insects completly overtakes him. When the bugs are distracted by the electro-magnetic signals coming from a power grid, Gamera escapes only to miss the eruption of the alien insect queen, the Mother, from the ground. The military gives chase, but in the moring light, only a wing could be found. The creatures are dubbed Legion.

Taking the city of Sendai by surprise, a new flower appears in full bloom. During an escape Honami meets Asagi Kusanagi, the girl who shared the bond with Gamera. On his way to destoy the Sendai flower, Gamera is intercepted by the Mother Legion and a massive battle ensues. A devestating blast fells Gamera and he, after regaining consciousness, manages to reach the flower just in time to be consumed by its destructive payload. The city is leveled, and Gamera has fallen. As Legion moves toward Tokyo, a crowd of children gather around Gamera's lifeless body. The childrens' prayers revive him and he races toward Tokyo to batlle the alien menace one last time.

This film gets high marks in my book. Where the 1995 film only peaked my interest, Gamera 2: Advent of Legion really instilled my respect for the giant turtle. After multiplr viewings, I can honestly say that Gamera 2 and Gamera 3 are tied for first place - each one containing elements the other slightly lacks. Gamera 2, has a lot of monster action and a great story, too. The acting seems to be well played. Some criticisms I have heard revolve around Gamera's final battle and new "abililty."
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