Gamera the Invincible (Popular Title) Gamera tai Gyaosu  (1967)

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Year of Release: 1967
Japanese Title: Gamera tai Gyaosu
Also released as: Boyichi and the Supermonster (1967)
Daikaijū kuchusen: Gamera tai Gaos (1967)
Gamera vs. Gaos (1967)
Gamera vs. Gyaos (1967)
Giant Monster Mid-Air Battle: Gamera vs. Gaos (1967) (Japan: English title)
Return of the Giant Monsters (1967)
Credits: Director
Noriaki Yuasa

Writing credits
Nisan Takahashi

Kojiro Hongo
Kichijiro Ueda
Naoyuki Abe
Reiko Kasahara
Taro Marui
Yukitaro Hotaru
Yoshiro Kitahara

Sandy Frank (US version)
Hidemasa Nagata
Hideo Nagata

Tadashi Yamauchi

Akira Uehara

Film Editing
Tatsuji Nakashizu

Special Effects Kazufumi Fujii
Yuzo Kaneko

Masao Yagi
Express Engineering Corp is building a highway in the forest near Mt. Fuji. Challenged by local villagers, the crew is plagued with protests and sabotage. Nearby, a survey team from the UN is killed when theit survey helicopter is literally cut by a beam emitted from a cave in the mountains. A small boy, Eichi (grandson of the village elder) finds a reporter snooping around. The reporter & Eichi check out a strange light - which leads them to the cave where Gyaos, a giant bat-like bird-monster, is currently residing.

Running for his life, the reporter ditches Eichi at the cave - but Gyaos puts a stop to that. The night watch crew from the highway construction (who are also checking out the light from the cave) just in time to see an epic battle where Gamera and Gyaos exchange blows (with Eichi in the middle). During the battle, it is realized that Gyaos can't withstand fire - realizing this Gamera grabs the young boy and gets him to safety. After alerting the public about Gyaos and his abililties, a scientist investigates Gyaos's prehistoric origins. The public is put on alert - stay indoors at night - Gyaos is nocturnal. But after another battle with Gamera, Gyaos seems to be the victor (as Gamera tends to his wounds at the bottom of the sea). Even after using light flares to annoy Gyaos, he still annihilates the armed forces.

After another battle, Gamera holds Gyaos in the water while the sun rises. But Gyaos, sensing its mortal danger, chooses to sever its own foot in lieu of death and flys off. A plan is put into effect that would draw Gyoas into the sunlight.

This is a gret Gamera film (for the Showa era). Gamera has heart, the Japanese Forces are really trying to come up with a plan (even an outlandish one) to rid themselves of Gyaos and there's a great amount of monster action. This is the first "Kenny" film though. As a fan of Gamera, that is probably the biggest wound that I am poked in. "All those Japanese Kennys and their short-shorts....what's up with that?!?" - I ususally just shrug them off, but I do a feel wince wash over my face when I try to hink of something to defend my giant turtle from hecklers. All in all, I'd say this is one of the good ones from the Showa series - after all, Gyaos was popular enough to bring back not only for Gamera: Guardian of the Universe, but also for Gamera 3 as well. As a side note, I had the pleasure of catching this one on UPN back in April (2002). It was featured as one of their Saturday movies. I can't imagine what prompted it, but it was super-fun!
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