Gamera Super Monster (Popular Title) Uchu kaijū Gamera (1980)
Year of Release: 1980
Japanese Title: Uchu kaijū Gamera
Also released as: Gamera Super Monster (1980) (USA)
Space Monster Gamera (1980) (literal English title)
Super Monster (1980) (USA: TV title)
Super Monster Gamera (1980)
Credits: Directed by:
Noriaki Yuasa

Writing credits
Nisan Takahashi

Mach Fumiake
Yuzo Hayakawa
Hiroji Hayshi
Kisao Hida
Makato Ikeda
Osamu Kobayashi
Yaeko Kojima
Yoko Komatsu
Keiko Kudo
Koichi Maeda
Toshie Takasa
Reiko Tajima

Masaichi Nagata
Hirozaki Ohba
Shigeru Shinohara
Yasuyoshi Tokuma
Masaya Tokuyama

Shunsuke Kikuchi

Akira Kitazaki
Michio Takahashi
Akira Uehara

Art Direction
Akira Inoue (III)
Tomohisa Yano

Set Decoration
Nobuhisa Iwata

Makeup Department
Chie Tshuchiya

Assistant Director
Hiromi Munemoto

Kimio Tobita

Special Effects
Kazufumi Fujii
Yuzo Kaneko
Noriaki Yuasa

Other crew
Mach Fumiake
Midori Kobayashi
Zenko Miyazaki
Tatsuji Nakashizu
Shoji Sekigucchi
Tadaaki Shimada
Masaya Tokuyama
In danger of atack from aliens, a trio of nice alien women work to help Gamera prevent the aliens from a successful invasion. In a mass of stock footage from past films, Gamera again does battle with his foes to drive the aliens away.
You may have noticed that I use the Internet Movie Database for my cast and crew information. When I was gathering this information, I was shocked to see how much information that IMDB had on this film. Especially for what it is as a film. The only way that I've seen this film was a poorly copied VHS tape recorded from a TBS broadcast. I can't imagine how long ago that was. The film itself is the final entry in the Showa Gamera series. While the plot is loosely based on an alien invasion, but the most...interesting aspect is the team of alien super-heroines that are trying to save the Earth from the invaders. From what I could tell, the only Gamera footage that wasn't stock used a poorly-executed puppet. I hope some day to get a VHS or DVD copy of the Japanese DVD. I hear those are subtitled. From what I understand, this film is mostly stock footage because Daiei was already bankrupt and they wanted to try and get back on their feet. That didn't work. This was the last time anyone saw Gamera for at least 15 years!
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